Voices of the Wild

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Interviews with Animals

Hearing from animals in this original and playful way brings a better understanding of their world and creates a stronger relationship between people and wildlife.


conversations with animals, offering them a chance to give us their perspective 


because we can learn a lot by listening to them, and they’re quite charming


inviting species experts from around the world to give them a voice

“Brilliant! Lots of humour, informative and a fun and great way for all ages to connect with our natural history.” (E. Pugh, UK)

“What a beautiful idea and a super production!” (G. Elal, Turkey)

Love her!!!! Very promiscuous!! (S. Wheen, UK)

“I absolutely love this one! Cheered up my train journey to work no end.” (R. Forbes, UK)

“What an amazing idea! I love the creativity to bring awareness, education, and funny back to nature. Asante!” (L. Munis, Tanzania)

“Such a simple idea but so powerful. Love it!!!” (The Coypu, iTunes listener)

“Just enough anthropomorphism to make the science fun.” (The Daily Telegraph review)

“I love coming out on a warm summer’s evening, with a bit of gentle rain.”  The Earthworm



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